Mangrove Rehabilitation Package

Mangrove rehabilitation is a nature-based super-solution to mitigate climate change and achieve gender equality for island and coastal communities in the Philippines. Women play a central role in rehabilitating degraded mangroves and protecting existing ones, and in building climate-resilient coastal communities that are ecologically stable and economically sustainable. 


With every donation, mangrove seedlings are planted and maintained by our WoMangrove Warriors — helping fight climate change, enhancing biodiversity and fisheries, and supporting the livelihood of women living in the island and coastal communities in the Philippines such as Samar, Leyte and Mindanao.


🍃  Your P550 will include:
- The nurturing and maintenance of the seedling for 6 months in the Nursery
- Preparation of the planting site, staking and maintenance for 1 year
- Regular community and planting site visit and inspection
- Livelihood for WoMangrove Warriors
You can learn more about the WoMangrove Warriors HERE

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