Davines OI Body Wash 280ml + OI Hand Balm 75ml + OI Lip Kit FREE OI Hand Balm 30ml

₱4,000 ₱4,350

*FREE OI Hand Balm 30ml

OI Body Wash 280ml 

Shower gel that gently cleanses the skin, adding softness and hydration. Its creamy foam and luxurious fragrance turn a daily beauty ritual into a pampering experience.

OI Hand Balm 75ml

Nourishing hand cream with antioxidant action, suitable for all skin types. The special formula protects skin from damage caused by sun, wind and cold, and provides long-lasting hydration.

OI Lip Kit 

The perfect duo is waiting for you! Exfoliate, moisturize and have velvety soft lips with this special set that gives your lips a radiant and supple feeling. Both products, OI LIP BALM and OI LIP SCRUB, are offered in an elegant box that brings the typical OI fragrance with them. Thanks to their handy size the set is also indispensable and ideally suited for travel.  Product sizes: 8ml

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