The 12 Best Hair Masks Based on Your Hair Type

The 12 Best Hair Masks Based on Your Hair Type


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our masks cater to curly hair, dry strands, damaged tresses, and everything in between.

Hair masks are the miracle-making heroes of any haircare routine. Whether your hair has been damaged from summer sun, years of bleaching, or just needs a little pampering, masks are a quick solution with noticeable results. Though there are many masks out there, different hair types all deserve specifically formulated masks. 


Shine-Boosting Masks for Colored Hair

Whether natural or cosmetically altered, your hair color will look shiny and strong when it’s healthy, whereas damaged colored hair may appear dull and in need of reviving. 
The right mask will help restore shine and bounce that may have been affected after coloring. Anyone who bleaches their hair will find that a good mask will help repair damage, maintain the hue, and protect the integrity of the hair.

If you color your hair…

Try the award-winning Minu Hair Mask. It targets tangles and dehydration by nourishing hair with Salina caper extract, leaving it much softer and silkier than before. It’s great at protecting that perfect color you and your colorist worked so hard to get, too. 

If your color looks dull...

Bring back the shine and keep your color looking fresh with The Circle Chronicles Spotlight Circle Its thick texture pacts plenty of nourishing power but won’t leave the hair feeling heavy or greasy — just soft and silky.


If you have bleached or highlighted hair…

Blondes and chemically-treated tresses need gentle but impactful formulas. Heart of Glass Intense Treatment can provide everything these hair types need! It brightens, strengthens, and protects the color through its unique Biacidic bond complex.


Nourishing Masks for Damaged Hair 

Damaged hair might worry you, but don’t stress — it’s completely possible to fix. Unsure if your hair is damaged? It typically looks dry and dull or lacking its usual shape. You might see split ends, extra frizz, and breakage, too. 
There are several factors that can lead to your hair feeling less than its best. Chemical treatments (like bleaching), hot tools, chlorine, and salt as well as sun exposure can lead to damage. A heat protectant and protective styling products are always good to have on hand, but once damage is present, a mask is a wonderful solution.

If you have heavily damaged hair…

Treat it with Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask. It moisturizes hair and makes it much easier to comb after days (or months) of tangles and dryness. This maskseals cuticles thanks to a blend ofvegetal keratin, rice protein, and amino acids.

If you use hot tools frequently…

Revitalize hair with The Circle Chronicles Renaissance Circle. Routinely using hot tools means hair might be feeling a little dull and brittle. This particular mask will boost shine and nurse hair back to health.

If you bleach, perm, or relax your hair…

Opt for the Nounou Hair Mask. Vitamin E and other antioxidants are present to leave hair feeling silky and refreshed. Even if you typically feel weighed down by thicker products, NOUNOU will leave your hair feeling healthy, not heavy.

Smoothing Hair Masks for Frizzy Hair

 Frizz typically appears when hair is exposed to different kinds of weather, environmental factors, or damage. It manifests as flyaways and unruly strands that poke out around your head—often forming a “halo” effect.


Though it might feel annoying, it’s possible to tame. When equipped with the right mask, you can smooth out frizz and make flyaways much more manageable thanks to special blends of ingredients.

If you have wavy or curly hair…

Coat hair in a layer of the Love Curl Mask. Anyone with thick hair or curls and coils often needs a little more power from their products than those with finer hair. This mask hydrates and revamps the elasticity of your tresses.

If you have frizz but are short on time…

Look no further than the 30-second Love Smoothing Instant Mask. Quicker than your typical conditioner, this mask works immediately, taming hair that seemingly has a mind of its own.

If your hair is frizzy and rough…

Occasionally frizz can go hand-in-hand with rough texture. To restore softness, you can lean on the OI Hair Butter. It’s packed with antioxidants that will melt away the uneven texture and flyaways, leaving it brighter and velvety smooth.

Here are a few tips for taking care of your hair when it seems impossible to fit it into your schedule, with a selection of our top 3 quick repair hair masks.
  1. Work it into your nightly routine. While you do your skincare, throw on a mask at the same time.
  2. Add it to your calendar. It may sound silly, but actually scheduling it in may help you pause and take the time and ensure nothing gets scheduled over it.
  3. Opt for quick masks. Some products can provide plenty of nourishment in seconds to a couple of minutes. Keep these in your arsenal at all times.
  4. Pick multitasking products. Formulas that do more than one thing make it easier to cut down on the time it takes to care for your hair.
Apply our invisible hair mask while you're exercising at the gym or while you're swimming, cooking, or whatever you prefer. It's the perfect mask for restless people!
In three minutes, this Quick Fix Hair Mask moisturizes, detangles, and hydrates, bring back softness in no time.

Special In-Salon Treatments

There is no better place to receive a customized treatment than a salon. If you’re unsure of the best mask for your hair type, our experts can provide a helpful consultation and recommend products that’ll help you achieve your best hair yet.
It’s always a great idea to visit your stylist to maintain the health of your hair through trims and treatments and to get the exact color you want. Professionals can create custom solutions and routines for hair that’s damaged, bleached, or excessively frizzy, too.
You deserve to pamper yourself and your hair. Professional guidance and a little assistance from masks can boost your confidence and help you embrace the unique intricacies of your hair.