The best products for curly hair

The best products for curly hair  



From loose waves to defined curls, curly hair needs proper care —  here are 15 essential products to take care of every type of curly hair.


We're excited to say that embracing natural curls has been a trending topic lately. If in the ‘90s and early 2000s the trend was to straighten and tame curly hair — often leading to damaged curl structure — now the beauty of natural hairis being celebrated 


Yet to obtain defined, full, and non-frizzy curls in a natural way, some tricks are necessary. Finally, use the right combination of curly or wavy hair products to protect and enhance the natural movement of your hair. Let’s have a look at the six steps and recommended products to get healthy, moisturized, non-frizzy curls bursting with volume.  

Shampoo for curly or wavy hair  


To give its best, curly hair should be shampooed no more than twice a week. Better to use lukewarm water and apply shampoo on roots, not on lengths and ends to avoid removing hydration. 

It is advisable to always use curl shampoos that gently cleanse, such as LOVE CURL shampoo enriched with Noto almond extract. An alternative — particularly suitable for very curly hair — is the so calledco-wash, i.e.a wash using a conditioner that has cleansing power, lighter than a traditional shampoo. You can use for example LOVE CURL CLEANSING CREAM, which is enriched with Noto almond like all the products of the LOVE CURL family. 
Those who have greasy scalp or feel the need to eliminate the build-up of styling products can use 
SOLU Shampoo with the extract of buckwheat from a Slow Food Presidium that ensures deep cleansing.  

Conditioner and mask for wavy or curly hair 



Curly hair tends to be dry, especially on lengths and ends, because the greasiness of the scalp cannot spread evenly along the hair shaft, as it is instead the case with straight hair. Furthermore, curls are not combed when dry, therefore the greasiness is not spread using the brush.
This is why it is fundamental to protect curl hydration using a conditioner every time you shampoo the hair, for example LOVE CURL conditioner enriched with Almond extract.
Furthermore, it is advisable to apply a mask every three shampoos to boost nourishment: you can continue the routine with our Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask that contains vegetal keratin.
Apply the conditioner or mask evenly on lengths using a wooden wide tooth comb: remember that this is going to be the last time you comb your curls before the next shampoo.

Cream or foam to create curly or wavy hair. 



The third step in our routine consists of creating waves that enhance the natural movement of your hair. We start by removing excess water: the right way of towel drying is called "plopping" and consists in putting the head down, gently wrapping the hair with amicrofiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt and patting the hair upwards without rubbing it. Do not use atraditional sponge towel because it absorbs too much water and can lead to frizz. To achieve the wavy effect, it is essential for the hair to be still fairly wet when applying the cream or foam.   
If you apply a cream, such as This is a Curl Building Serum, put a dollop of product on the palms, rub, then take a strand of hair and hold it between your hands, distribute the product evenly by pulling it through the lengths down to the ends.
If you prefer a foam, such as This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse or This is a Volume Boosting Mousse, apply it with raking movements: spray the product on the palms, rub slightly, then distribute through the curls using your fingers as rakes to obtain an even result.
After using a cream or a foam, you should create curls with a scrunching movement, i.e. hold the hair in your hands starting from the ends, then crumple it between your fingers squeezing towards the root. Repeat several times. 


Gel or oil for styling wavy or curly hair 


The last step is to further limit frizz by defining the curls and fixing them when necessary. Although we talk of “fixing” or “holding” hair, we do not want to “glue” and freeze the curl, preferring to instead achieve a natural and bouncy finish.
The products to be used at this stage can be an oil — such as This is an Oil Non Oil — for a natural-looking result with no frizz.

How to dry wavy or curly hair 



After applying products, ideally hair should be left to dry naturally to avoid the stress caused by heat. However, we know it’s not always possible because of outside temperatures or time available. In these cases, a diffusershould be used, never a styling nozzle that directs the jet of hot air too strongly and risks disrupting the curl.
Start drying from the curl root keeping the diffuser at least 3 inches away from the scalp. Then proceed with the lengths cupping the strands onto the diffuser starting from the ends and making sure that the air jet does not make the hair fly around, exposing it to the potential risk of frizz. We suggest to dry the hair with the head downso that roots get volume, and to keep a medium-low temperature not to damage the hair fiber.  

How to refresh or revitalize curls 



The last step is not mandatory: we suggest it only for people with flat roots, curls that tend to loosen up, or that prefer reducing washes because of dry or sensitive scalp. The so called "refresh" consists in spraying water on the hair to make it moist and re-workable, and then adding on a light leave-in product.
People with roots and curls that tend to flatten can lift them by spraying LOVE Curl Revitalizer. Last but not least: those who want a casual look can create a beachy texture with This is a Sea Salt Spray.