5 Easy Summer Styles Perfect For Second-Day Hair

5 Easy Summer Styles Perfect For Second-Day Hair

We've all been there: there are some (or several) days when a proper hair-washing schedule can feel as cumbersome as sticking to a regular workout regimen. Sure, there are those seemingly magical humans who can’t start their days without a sweat session and a round of shampoo. However, for most of us, rest days from these routines are essential. 


First, make sure to conceal your oily roots and stock up on some high-quality dry shampoo. Hair Refresher is a sustainable option that does not sacrifice on results. Goodbye grease, hello volume. If a few sprays of this solution does the trick, feel free to rock the tossed hair look for the day or (especially if you’re working with third-day hair) take this opportunity to test out a fresh new look. 


1. Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

Look put-together in a pinch with this simple updo. To create this style, all you will need is a hairbrush and some clear hair-ties (bobby pins are optional if you’re in a hurry).Take two small, even sections from the top layer of your hair and twirl them together at the top of your head with your fingers. Hold this top section above your head. 


Next, use the brush to flatten out the top of this mini “ponytail” to hide your roots. Secure this section with a bobby pin or a clear elastic. Then, create a simple braid from the crown your head to the ends of your hair, and secure with an elastic. Upgrade this style with a sleek barrette, if you’re feeling fancy.


2. Curly Updo

Master the art of masking oily hair with maximal volume. For those with straight or wavy hair, use a curling iron as usual. If you have natural ringlets, use dry shampoo and skip this step. Otherwise, add some This Is A Dry Texturizer for a full-bodied look.To create the updo, pull your hair into a bun at the crown of your head. Secure the style with a clear elastic and add some bobby pins to keep your hair in place all day long. 

3. Pouf Updo

An easy and elegant way to cover up your roots, this style seems to have been created for second-day hair. Unlike with a freshly-washed mane, the natural oils help to hold the look in place, requiring you to use less product to achieve the same results. Make sure to use dry shampoo to add extra volume before styling. For a long-lasting look, it is best to create this style using a rat tail comb. Take a small section from both sides of the top layer of your hair. Divide this new layer into 2-3 sections, depending on the size of your preferred pouf. 


Next, backcomb each of these sections and smooth out the top when finished. Finally, secure the style with bobby pins and some This Is An Extra Strong Hairspray. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have this styling tool on hand, try out an alternative way to create this look: after taking two large pieces of hair from either side, use this top layer to make a mini “ponytail” at the top of your head. Instead of securing the section in place as you would with a traditional half-up, half-down look, twist the intersection of the two individual left and right sections of hair to create additional volume at the front. Push this twisted “ponytail” towards the front of the head to produce a “pouf” effect. Secure the style with (a lot) of crisscrossed bobby pins and This Is An Extra Strong Hairspray.


4. Slick Side Braid

A timeless style, this look is also an effortless solution that hides any evidence of greasy hair. First gather all of your hair, smoothing out the top with a brush while holding the ponytail in place at the nape of your neck. Next, create a traditional braid and secure it with a clear elastic. Finish off the look and spray on This Is A Blow Dry Primer for some extra anti-frizz protection.


 5. Ultra Sleek Pony

Transform the grease into grunge-girl chic with this timeless ponytail. For this two-minute style, take your brush to smooth out the top section of hair, glossing over your roots and secure with a clear elastic or regular hair-tie. Spray on some This Is An Extra Strong Hairspray to keep your ponytail in place and frizz-free all day long. 

A choppy lob is a great haircut for thick curly hair that tends to be unruly and extra-sensitive to the humidity. The uneven, choppy edges of this haircut are purposely imperfect, making it the air-dry-perfect style (even in humidity).

Which second-day style do you plan on trying out next?